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The project dv-ros provides iniVation event camera integration with ROS. The integration is performed by implementing ROS nodes with the use of DV-Processing. The dv-ros also provides several event data processing algorithms wrapped in ROS nodes for immediate use for computer vision applications with event cameras and ROS.

The installation of the nodes in ROS and details of available nodes can be found in the readme of the code repository.

The integration is compatible with existing ROS message types from the rpg_dvs_ros, so any application compatible with the rps_dvs_ros nodes is also compatible with the dv-ros nodes.


Source Code
API Documentation

We provide a C/C++ library called libcaer for low-level access to our cameras.


This has been replaced with dv-processing, which has a more extensive Python API.

DV also has an integration with Python that allows control of DV via Python. Full documentation is available on the gitlab repository.

Older Releases of Our Software

Older versions can be found where we store all of our released software: