Convert AEDAT2/3 Files to AEDAT4

AEDAT is the standard file format used for storing data generated from our event cameras. AEDAT files can be used to record and playback different information captured by our event cameras, including pixel value changes, frames, and IMU data.

Over the years, we progressively updated the AEDAT file format for our output files. The latest version is number 4, which is currently used by the DV-SDK. To continue using older AEDAT2 and AEDAT3 files, please convert them to the AEDAT4 format.

Converting old formats using DV is straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to Maintenance (top menubar in DV) and select Convert files to aedat4


  • Add the files you want to convert

add files

  • Select the output directory and then press Start


  • After you press Start all the files added will be converted to AEDAT4. When the conversion is finished, you should see all files with a green check mark in the status column. If the conversion fails for any reason, a yellow symbol will be displayed, and you will be able to get more details on what went wrong.


Now, you will find all the converted files in the output directory. During the conversion, the converter will keep the filename, but will change the file extension to AEDAT4.

You can now use the standard File Input module and functionality with your newly converted files.