Adjust Camera Settings

Priority Options

iniVation cameras have many settings that can be adjusted, like biases, exposure, global shutter, etc. The most important settings can be found in the configuration bar (on the right).

Note: different cameras have different sensor settings, see hardware documentation for more information.

Main camera settings

Non-priority Options

All camera settings can be accessed by clicking on the + next to the camera name (shown with the blue annotation in the screenshot above).

A popup with all available settings appears. Any setting can be changed right from within this popup. Specific settings can be searched for by typing in the name of the setting in the search bar.

All camera settings

Add / Remove an Option to Priority Options

Any option that can be added to priority options has a + button to the right. Clicking this button adds the setting to the list of settings accessible from the right bar in the main window.

To remove an option from priority options, either click the - button to the right of the option or right-click on the option and select Remove from priority option.

The order of priority options can be changed by right-clicking on the option.