Getting Started

This page presents a beginner’s introduction on how the GUI of our DV software is structured and how to use it.

Output Tab

  1. You can switch to the output tab of DV to visualize the output data.

  2. You can control the windows for each data that is visualized (size, full screen, event color coding).

  3. You can hide/show the different windows.

Output Tab

Structure Tab

  1. You can switch to the structure tab of DV to visualize the block logic (DV Modules) of the data processing.

  2. You can view and control what processing is being performed.

  3. You can see and select which data is being visualized (sent to the Output Tab)

Structure Tab

To control the processing structure, there are 3 main functionalities around the Modules:

Removing Modules

Remove Modules

Adding Modules

Add Modules

Note: See the list of built-in modules in DV here

Connecting Modules

Connect Modules

Project Bar

On the left side of DV, you have the Project Bar, where you can select existing or saved projects. These projects are .xml files that store the status of both the Output Tab and the Structure Tab.

Via the File tab at the very top of DV, you can:

  • Load existing projects with the Open project option.

  • Create a new project from scratch with the New project option.

  • Save the current status of your project via the Save project option.

The Visualize, Record and Playback are default projects that are always present in DV for convenience.

Left Project Bar

Configuration Bar

On the right side of DV, you have the Configuration Bar, this is where you can view and change the different parameters of the modules present in the Structure Tab.

Right Configuration Bar

Advanced settings can be shown by clicking the + button next to the module name.

Advanced Module Options

Logs/Console Bar

At the bottom of DV, you have the Logs/Console Bar, this is where any information or error message is displayed.

This section is split into two tabs:

  • Runtime Log that will print messages related to the processing logic / modules.

  • UI Log that will print messages related to the user interface, windowing, sizes, and buttons.

Bottom Console Logs Bar